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Purchase items in-store or online at during this week to raise  book funds for our school library!  Just use ID #12280947 at checkout.


How to Earn Money for SFCS Library @ Barnes & Noble:

  1. Purchase any applicable book, toy, game, calendar, cafe item, etc. either online or in-store at Barnes & Noble.
  2. Our specialized ID #12280947 must be shown (in-store) or entered (online) for purchase to apply. 
  3. You may use gift cards to pay for purchases. You may also apply B&N membership discounts, educator discounts, etc. 

ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS: From the payment page, scroll to the very bottom and choose “Check this box if it is a Bookfair Order.” Note: If already signed in to BN account, you may need to click “change” on the payment section of the checkout page and then scroll to the bottom to get the bookfair box option.

Applicable Purchases Include: 

  • Books
  • Games & Toys
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Notebooks, journals, & calendars
  • Cafe purchases (including Cheesecake Factory ® treats & Starbucks ® beverages). SHOW ID#. 
  • Nooks*(only 5% towards total for these)

Items that will NOT apply include: 

  • Video Games
  • Textbooks & Used books
  • eBooks
  • B&N Memberships (purchasing)
  • Gift Cards (purchasing)
  • Other Digital Devices