Vanessa’s work experience, education, and love for God make her an excellent fit at SFCS.  Vanessa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Southern Illinois University and is well equipped to teach our science courses through her various academic experiences.    After teaching in secular education settings, Vanessa is excited to teach science from a biblical perspective.  Not only will Vanessa build a solid science program, but she will also be an invaluable resource on special education needs at SFCS.  Vanessa has the following licenses and certifications:

MN Special Education Teaching License (Grades K-12)

Illinois Certiications:

o   Illinois Initial Type 10 Special Education (K-21)

o   Basic Skills Test (096) August, 2010

o   Special Education General Curriculum Test (163) November, 2013

o   Learning Behavior Specialist I Test (155) November, 2013

o   APT: Grades K-12 (104) November, 2013