Why Choose SFCS?

  1. Heritage of Faithfulness
    SFCS was established in 1976 by First Baptist Church with the desire to create an educational option that teaches all academic subjects from a Biblical perspective. 
  2. Biblical World View
    All subjects are taught from a Biblical world view. Our goal is to equip students to live a God-honoring life. 
  3. Teachers
    SFCS teachers are called to the ministry of cultivating Godly character in the lives of their students. SFCS teachers have a broad range of teaching experi- ence including international, public and home school. Our low student-teacher ratios allow for the development of each student’s unique abilities and talents. 
  4. Academics
    ABEKA Book and BJU Press, two proven biblical based curricula, are the foundation for our core classes. Annually, all students are tested to assess their excellence in academics. The 2015 graduating class exceeded the national average ACT score. Juniors and seniors, who achieve a strict set of academic requirements are eligible to participate in an educational tour of England scheduled for 2016. 
  5. Student Leadership
    Students have many opportunities to develop as leaders through involvement in athletics, fine arts and mentorship of younger students. Student development also takes the form of servant leadership through ministry opportunities in the community. 
  6. Fine Arts
    All students participate in music, choir and art. Students in grades 5 –12 compete in speech, music and art festivals organized by the Minnesota Association of Christian Schools. Additionally, students participate in an exceptional dramatic theatre performance each spring. 
  7. Electives
    SFCS offers a variety of on-line electives through Alpha Omega’s Ignitia program coupled with quality teachers and current technology. SFCS allows and encourages students to take advantage of Minnesota’s PSEO college class programing through on-line classes. 
  8. Athletics
    A variety of competitive athletic teams are options available to students. Athletic coaches intentionally create an atmosphere designed to foster Christian growth through discipleship. 
  9. Affordability
    $2,000 K4
    $3,750 K5—12th Grade
    Discounts available for families with 3+ children - call for details